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Why Book a Consultation?

Why do you need a cloth diapering consultant? To be honest, you don't.

There are so many places to learn about cloth diapering. You can watch YouTube videos, read Instagram posts, read books... the list goes on.

So why should you book a consultation with me?

Because the cloth diapering experience is not the same for every person. You're an individual, and your preferences will be unique to you. You can certainly find your path all alone, but it might take some trial and error. That experience can be discouraging.


I can help streamline your process, find your path, and make cloth diapering work for you. I offer services for any budget. Keep reading to learn more about what I do.

Which service is for you?

Every family is unique. My services are varied, to accommodate an array of situations.

I'm based in Moffat County, Colorado. I offer online services as well, but my in-person services are limited to Routt, Moffat, and Rio Blanco Counties. If you live in Colorado, but outside those counties, I may be willing to travel to you. Fill out the contact form for more details.

Want to learn cloth diapering basics? Want help building a diaper stash? Do you have questions about cloth diapering accessories?

> Book an in-person or a Zoom consultation


> Book an online diaper stash consultation

Want personalized plans, hands-on training, and on-going support?

> Book a "From the Basics" package, which includes:

- creation of a diaper stash (cost of diapers not included in package price)

- home visits to assess laundry situation, etc

- personalized laundry routine, and follow-up to fine tune

- assistance getting proper fit

- cloth diapering education/ Q&A time

- help teaching a caregiver or relative basic cloth diaper care and fit 

- availability via Zoom, text, or phone call for answering questions

*I also offer a "Basics - Economy" package, which offers similar benefits, for a budget-friendly price.

Need help troubleshooting issues?

> Book an online consultation, or an in-person service call

Interested, but aren't sure yet?

No worries! Book a free Zoom consultation with me! During a free consultation, we can:

- Get to know each other

- Answer questions you have about services I offer, cloth diapering, etc.

- Explore resources that can help kick-start your cloth diapering experience

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