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Rent Cloth Diapers

How it works

1. Choose your quantity

Rent cloth diapers in quantities of 4 and up. Price will vary by quantity.

2. Choose your duration

4 week minimum rental time; rent for a set amount of time, or on an on-going basis.

3. Choose your diaper style(s)

Let me know your preferred diaper style or styles, and I will do my best to accommodate you from diapers currently available.

4. Get your diapers

Shipping is known to greatly reduce the sustainability of clothing (or cloth diaper) rentals.

For that reason, I do not ship cloth diaper stashes to you. Instead, you may pick them up in Craig, or otherwise arrange a meet-up when finalizing your stash.

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Pricing will vary by quantity, duration, and condition. Most kits will have a mixture of new diapers and well-used diapers of different styles. 

The following are some common examples of pricing, which may trend slightly lower, depending on my final diaper selection for you.

4 week rentals
4 diapers - $11.80
6 diapers - $17.40
8 diapers - $22.40
14 diapers - $37.10
18 diapers - $46.80
Full kit (23 diapers) - $58.65

Add a wetbag or pod for an additional $1 per month.

* All kits will require a cleaning deposit and security deposit- both refundable if diapers are properly cared for.


Get a discount.

If you establish a reputation of keeping excellent care of the diapers, you may be eligible to receive 15% off future months of rentals.

Rent to Buy

Interested in cloth diapering, but can't afford to pay all at once? Get started for the price of a month of disposables. Submit a contact form and request more details.

Contact Us  |  Tel: 1 970-210-8410

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