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Road Trip with Cloth Diapers - Packing List

This weekend, our family is taking a vacation to the coast. We'll be driving to our destination, and it's going to be a long drive. A long drive. Thankfully, our kids are amazing little travelers, and generally do just fine on road trips.

We're planning to bring the cloth diapers with us on this trip- and we expect it to be a little easier this time than last time, since we now only have one baby in diapers full-time.

If you've followed me for a little while on Instagram, you know that we took a trip to California in the Spring, and we cloth diapered for that trip as well. Everything worked out just fine. But, there are a few things I would like to do differently this time. So let's talk about my current plan for cloth diapering on this trip, and what I'm planning to bring.

What I'm bringing:

Last time I packed a lot of different systems. Basically, I threw my entire stash in a box and brought it along. This time I'm being much more intentional about my choices. Since I've recently purchased additions to our wool cover collection, I would like to focus primarily on using wool covers with flats. I will likely also bring a few pocket diapers, and a handful of fleece covers I made. For nights, I'm bringing my usual setup - stretchy flats, a Fixed Flat from The Blythe Life, and a few nighttime diapers I thrifted this summer.

Less is More

On the California trip, I brought literally every diaper we had. I was so worried we would run out before we were able to wash them. This time, I'm bringing far less. I've been closely monitoring how many diapers we need to last us 2 full days with a little to spare, and I'm going to stick with that amount. If something catastrophic happens- we'll buy disposables.

By bringing less, I'm hoping to significantly reduce the amount of stuff we're packing around, and lessen the anxiety surrounding storing them.

In addition to the diapers themselves, I will also be bringing some cloth diapering basics, and a few extras that are as follows:

Diaper liners (disposable and resuable (x10)

DIY wool boosters (x5)

A set of diaper pins

Snappi (x1)

Dishwashing gloves

Water test kit (water hardness)

Cloth wipes

Gallon-size freezer bag x 2


Detergent (Unicorn Beyond Clean for wool, Tide for the rest)


Emulsion cube (from Bumby Wool)

Unicorn Beyond Fiber Wash (for refreshing wool between washes)

Wet bags (x2)

Hamper for dirty diaper storage

A brief explanation on a few of the above items:

Gallon-size freezer bags - I use one to store cloth wipes while on the go, the other to replace a diaper sprayer. (Curious about how that works? Watch my Instagram for more about that sometime next week.)

Water Test Kit - I don't believe in getting into crazy detail when it comes to wash routines- but when traveling, I would really like to eliminate the guesswork and land on my feet with a wash routine. Knowing water hardness really helps with that.

And that's it! What would your travel essentials be? What would you use to clean poopy diapers while traveling? I would love to hear from you!

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