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How will cloth diapering change you?

If you're just getting interested in cloth diapering, that may sound like a strange question. After all, this is just an exploration of different ways to collect your child's waste products, right?

Well, technically yes. In the same way that hiking is just parking your car somewhere, walking away from your car, and walking back to it eventually- as made famous in Instagram reels. (Try as I might, I cannot find the original audio clip, or the person who said it. Comment if you know!)

And yet, avid hikers often feel that their experiences through hiking and exploring have changed their life. They see it as an integral part of their identity.

Why is that? Every hiker has their own reasons. But here are two big ones:

- It challenges you and helps you grow as a person

- It connects you with a community

So how does this relate to cloth diapering? Well, cloth diapering is challenging. While that may discourage some people- those that dive into it often find that meeting that challenge gives them greater confidence and moves them to grow as a person.

Cloth diapering can also connect you to a supportive community of parents like yourself. You can learn from them, share your victories with them, and feel a part of something bigger.

Just as the benefits of hiking can't be entirely summed up in two examples, the power of cloth diapering to shape your experience as a parent is far-reaching and different for each person.

And while it may sound odd to some people, it will change you. So what will your cloth diapering story be? How will you be different after cloth diapering your child? Maybe it's time to find out.

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